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Individual Member Insurance Benefits

As administrator of the insurance benefits for ACEP members, Hagan Barron Intermediaries has experts who are up-to-date on the latest policies, benefits and legislation that might impact our organization.  They evaluate the needs of our members, and research the most cost effective and reliable solution.  

Insurance programs include:  

Are you wondering when to purchase your Life and Disability income plan? Today! Because premium and policy eligibility are based on age and health status, the best time to buy a Life and Disability policy is when you're young and healthy. Pre-existing conditions are typically not covered and serious medical conditions can prevent a person from obtaining coverage. In that event, we added two NEW simplified Life and Disability programs to help you find a solution in protecting your income. Call us today: 1-877-285-4445.

Can't find coverage due to medical issue? New Simplified Issue Life and Disability plans now available. 

Group Insurance Benefits for 100% Club Participants

Hagan Barron Intermediaries and American College of Emergency Physicians joined together to develop exclusive group benefit packages for 100%. We worked with a number of major insurance carriers to provide competitive rates and polices without sacrificing quality of coverage.

  • Group Life Insurance:  As the foundation of an employee benefits program, Group Life Insurance from Hagan Barron Intermediaries offers you the opportunity to help protect your employees and their families from financial hardship in the event of death.
  • Group Disability Insurance:
    • Group Long Term Disability:  Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance through Hagan Barron Intermediaries provides a monthly benefit to eligible employees who are partially or totally disabled due to a covered physical disease, injury, pregnancy or mental disorder. It is key to smart financial planning for both the employer and the employee.
    • Group Short Term Disability: Short Term Disability insurance coverage is designed to provide coverage for disabilities resulting from physical disease, injury, pregnancy or mental disorder. STD insurance offers and attractive option for employers who want to supplement a sick leave or statutory disability benefits program. The proposed STD benefit amount and maximum benefit period is show in the employee benefits proposal.
  • Property and Casualty: Hagan Barron Intermediaries can meet the needs of your group’s property and casualty insurance. Since this may entail many different needs and options please call to discuss more in depth.
  • Individual ACEP Benefits: In addition to the above products, all ACEP members still have access to the individual insurance benefits that Hagan Barron Intermediaries and ACEP provides exclusively to ACEP members.
  • 401 (k) Plans: We can quote employee benefit plans with our partners at Principal Insurance. Call today.

For Military members of ACEP

Disability Income Insurance will now cover Moonlight Pay. Contact us for more information at 877-285-4445



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