EMPRN - Make Your Voice Count

The practice of emergency medicine varies. What is done in the rural area is often not done in the urban teaching hospitals. It is essential that ACEP, and researchers, understand how emergency medicine is practiced in all areas.

EMPRN, the Emergency Medicine Practice Research Network, is composed of a group of dedicated emergency physicians representing the broad spectrum of our practices. EMPRN members are asked to complete up to 4 short surveys a year, 30 questions or less. These questions cover a very wide range of subjects, from how patients are treated, to opinions about current controversies in medicine, to how groups are surviving.

We need your voice.

Please consider joining EMPRN.

Simply complete the EMPRN Participation Form after you log into your ACEP account and take the first survey. In joining ACEP’s EMPRN, you agree that the data you submit may be used in a de-identified way for research and may be published.

  • Your voice can help ACEP understand your practice and your needs.
  • Your voice can help investigators reach REAL emergency physicians, not just those who practice in academic institutions.
  • Your voice can help use advocate for our patients and our practices.

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