ACEP Communication Masterclasses

Using your Social Influence to Fight for EM

Learn how to better leverage your social presence and unique voice to effectively fight for the issues that you and other emergency physicians care about. During this 20-minute session, social media and communication expert, Mike Panetta, and ACEP’s Communications Division will provide you with the tools to set specific goals and run through real-life scenarios on how to rally allies and respond to detractors. This master class will help you strategize on how to best share powerful stories to positively impact the future of the emergency medicine workforce.

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PR for the ER

As a member of the ACEP Spokespersons Network, you play an essential role in helping ACEP effectively deliver our messages and further our mission of advancing emergency medicine. To enhance your skills as a national spokesperson, ACEP’s Public Relations (PR) Team is proud to present PR for the ER, a short, yet comprehensive set of training videos designed to provide you with the fundamentals of effective communications. From overcoming speech anxiety and preparing for an on-camera media interview, to tackling tough questions and using storytelling to drive home your message—in this one-hour training course, you will learn from your peers and professional communication experts the latest tips and techniques to make you a captivating and compelling spokesperson. Developed in partnership with The Communication Center, this Master Class comprises four, 15-minute videos each aimed at enhancing specific PR skills, which you can watch at your convenience.  

This is an exclusive ACEP member resource, so please log in using the link in the upper righthand corner on your screen.

Part 1: Communication: It’s Your Practice—In this video we cover core concepts of communications; overcoming speech anxiety; how to tailor your message for your audience; and establishing executive presence.
Part 2: Strategic Communication: From Complexity to Clarity—In this video we cover developing strong messages; the language of leadershiphow to open and close presentations; and critical preparation.
Part 3: Smart Messages for Tough Questions—In this video we cover handling tough questions; staying out of the hot seat; and tactics for Q&As.
Part 4: Mastering the Art of Storytelling—In this video we cover the importance of storytelling; story types; elements and framework; and delivery.

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