July 30, 2020

Geriatric Emergency Medicine Section Election Information

This year the section will be holding officer elections. With Lauren Southerland, MD FACP becoming the Section Chair this year, available positions include:

Chair-Elect: To assume the position of Section Chair at ACEP22 and serve as an officer of the section until that time

Secretary/newsletter editor: To serve a two year term, starting immediately after ACEP20

Alternate Councillor: To serve a two year term, starting immediately after ACEP 2020 and represent the section at the ACEP Council meeting starting at ACEP 2021 if the section Councillor is unable. Starting after ACEP 2022, the alternate Councillor assumes the role of Councillor.

New Potential Officer Roles:

Resident Representative: To serve a two- year term, starting immediately after ACEP20 and represent the interests of emergency medicine residents within the section

Becoming a member of the GEMS board is a GREAT way to increase your involvement in the section. Nominations are currently open until 9/1/2020. You may nominate yourself or a colleague.

Nominees should prepare a brief-written platform statement and submit this to Nicole Tidwell.

Phil Magidson, MD


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