September 5, 2019

Letter from the Editor

Moving into the typically slower ER months has not changed the pace of what is happening with our section and ACEP.  We had a successful LAC19 meeting in DC including visits with our representatives at the Capitol. I have included the minutes below. It is already time to start planning for ACEP Scientific Assembly in Denver.  We had a section call in June that was also stimulating. The call generated lots of ideas that I hope can make us a more active and successful section - including plans for our upcoming section meeting in Denver.  It continues to be an exciting time to be in the Freestanding ER world.

As a reminder the elected leaders to the section are below:

John R. Dayton, MD, FACEP

Angela Straface, MD, FACEP 

Edward Shaheen, MD, FACEP

Alternate Councilor
Lonnie Schwirtlich, MD, FACEP   

2nd Alternate Councilor
Carl Menckhoff, MD, FACEP    

Secretary/Newsletter Editor
Jay Woody, MD, FACEP 

Member at Large
John Ansohn, DO, FACEP 

Board Liaison
Gillian Schmitz, MD, FACEP

I am still in need of ideas that you think would be useful or interesting to all of us who share a common interest in the future of Freestanding ERs.  I am grateful to Angela, John, David, and Etch (Edward) for providing solid content for this newsletter. 

All the best,

Jay Woody, MD, FACEP
Newsletter Editor and Secretary

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