January 5, 2024

Report on the ACEP 2023 Council Meeting


William “Bill” Kranichfeld, MD, FACEP 
FEC Section Councilor

Summary of the ACEP 2023 Council Meeting 

The ACEP 2023 Council considered 62 resolutions: 44 were adopted, 10 were not adopted, and 7 were referred to the Board of Directors.

Even though there were no resolutions that pertained exclusively to FECs, there were some very pertinent to our Section including: 



Facilitating EMTALA inter-hospital transfers

ACEP will work with AHA appropriate agencies to compel hospitals to make available to other hospitals, transfer coordinator information, including contact numbers for accepting transfers. 

Addressing pediatric mental health boarding in Emergency Departments


Advocate for federal support to decrease ED boarding of pediatric mental health patients. Boarding is a systemic issue arising from limited availability of community based mental health services.

Advocating for sufficient reimbursement for Emergency Physicians in critical access Hospitals and rural Emergency Hospitals

To ensure the availability of board-certified emergency physicians to provide high-quality care in underserved areas.

Support for reimbursement of geriatric ED care processes

Since there are 10,000 Americans turning 65 a day, it’s important to advocate for the development of policies that will reimburse geriatric Emergency Care. 

Treating physician determines the patient's stability

The Emergency Physician at the patient’s bedside is best qualified to determine a patient’s ability for transfer and the decision should not be overruled by a physician or non-physician practitioner that has not personally evaluated the patient. 


2023 resolutions. ACEP. (2023). 

Please note:

All FEC ACEP members should review the 2024 ACEP resolutions and comment via asynchronous testimony before next year's council meeting.  

Your involvement is crucial!

Dr. William Kranichfeld 

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