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Posted: Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Joined: 4/19/2011
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Welcome to the Observation Medicine Interest Group Forum!  Dr. Chris Baugh and I (Brian Hiestand) are the moderators for this forum.  A few ground rules / requests:


1.  Check the search function before posting a new question - your question may have already been asked and answered previously.  


2.  Keep replies courteous and on topic.  Chris and I reserve the right to modify responses that do not meet these criteria.  


3.  Nothing posted here substitutes for actual legal / compliance / CMS opinions.  We as a group are happy to share our experiences and work-arounds, but this is not "precedent," "expert witnessing," or "billable hours."


Thanks, and we hope that this is a valuable tool for managing your observation patients and units.

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