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Informatics Opportunities in EM Informatics
Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2013
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I gave a brief presentation at the ACEP SEMI meeting in October on ED Informatics Educational opportunities. 

ACEP has offered an introductory informatics course every spring for the past 5 years in conjunction with the American Medical Informatics Association. Many of our 137 alumni are now taking the Clinical Informatics Subspecialty Board exam. However, the ability to qualify for the exam through the practice track will close by 2017. Since the practice track requires at least 3 years of at 25% Clinical Informatics Practice if you aren't already in a responsible informatics position you will have to have formal training to qualify for the CI subspecialty.

At the SEMI meeting we discussed what we know about CI fellowship opportunities. There is a workgroup forming to more formally define the requirements for an ED Informatics fellowship. There are currently four fellowships available. 

At the University of Nebraska we have followed the fellowship requirements carefully. I have been able to establish a formal Biomedical Informatics Graduate Degree that I chair. The BMI degree has concentrations in Public Health Informatics, Clinical Informatics, Imaging Informatics, and Bioinformatics. Our fellowship is two years where our fellows would be expected to receive a Masters in BMI, become a trained Epic Physician Builder, complete an informatics project in our ED and continue to practice. As a Physician Builder, our fellows would be integrated into the our EHR team.

Until we know the formal requirements for ACGME accreditation of our fellowship we believe graduates would be well positioned to sit of the CI board exam and go into practice with a strong background.

I would attach my slides from my presentation but this forum won't accept PDF or PPT. You can contact me at if you have questions.  There will be more to come as the CI fellowship requirements continue to be refined.

Jim McClay

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