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Chief Complaint Classification
Posted: Sunday, January 17, 2016
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I've been working on wrangling a list of 3000+ chief complaints in our database; most are free text entries.  I settled on the CCC-EDS system by Thompson:


There are interesting systems that are able to automatically classify the CC with naive bayes but only do so for very small list of syndromes:

My questions are:

  • What are people doing with this?  Do you disallow free-text entry of CC and work with a limited list like CCC-EDS for triage?
  • Is anyone aware of code to automatically classify free text into CCC-EDS like categories using naive bayes or other NLP (natural language processing) or regular expressions?
  • Are you aware of other (better) CC classification systems than CCC-EDS?
Thanks, Eric.
Milwaukee, WI

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