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Ultrasound Compendium
Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2012
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Hey all,

I am working on compiling a compendium of important articles for
emergency ultrasound.  I am hoping to use "The Colorado Compendium" as
a model and compose single page summaries of each article that could
be used as the start of an evidence based curriculum for residents and
fellows.  The goal would be to keep this document freely available and
up to date as new information is published.

We have already compiled some relevant articles but we are looking for
more suggestions of articles to review and we need your help.

Please post the titles of articles that you use or reference
frequently, or even if you just think they are relevant and practice
defining for emergency ultrasound.  We are not planning to cap the
number of articles so post away.

Also, email me if you would like to review articles and write
summaries once they are selected.

Thanks for your help,
Patrick Ockerse MD
University of Utah Emergency Ultrasound Fellow

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