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QPath to QPath E Migration
Posted: Monday, January 29, 2018
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Hi Everyone,

Due to popular interest I am posting the collated responses from various individuals regarding issues around QPath E upgrade. 

Spoiler: common theme involves worksheet compatibility and local IT server configuration issues

Responses are deid


We are having some difficulty. For us, it seems to be mainly on the hospital IT end with problems in server configuration, and less so on the Qpath end. Right now it seems all we can do is play middle man and ask for progress updates from our IT (slow going) .

They simultaneously upload images while you are using both versions. The first question is it only you (ED) that is upgrading? We had problems at *** with migration of our worksheets from old qpath to QpathE but they were corrected. This happened from the fact that our peds dept, The icu and the ED were upgrading from qpath to QpathE. Qpath didn’t know whose was whose worksheets. We also lost people’s level of responsibilities on Qpath during the transition, i.e admin, attending, and resident level in qpath. ...All studies pretty much migrated. We lost on those “ interesting cases” too from old program but now with QpathE, we use the “tags”. Still have minor kinks with studies migrating but it’s more a machine/IT problem.  I’m trying use a bar code/QR scanner for the mindray and works well if patient is registered. Dont have Zonares. SonoSites and mindray occasionally have hiccups. Dealing with issues as they go.


Initially i had a transfer of current worksheets nad format from qpath to qpath e and it doesn’t work well.

There are enough changes in the set up and formation for qpath e that i cant really make our set up translate over easily.

I have our IT Dept building a new server to install qpathe on and i will have to do some building before i can use it effectively (I think).  Not sure if it will work out or not yet.


We have had issues as well.  However, the struggle for us getting the server built and configured I suspect is related to poor communication from telexy.  We have a weekly conference call..and every little task seems to drag on.   As we get closer to real implementation into the work environment I can let you know more details.   Let me know if you have any specific questions I might be able to answer.

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