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Affordable peripheral line ultrasound unit-RN IV Access
Posted: Friday, May 31, 2013
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Our nurses are potentially going to start using ultrasound for difficult IV access and our intimidated by our Zonare carts. They'd like to buy something simpler.

I've used an iLook in the past, but it's successor the Sonosite Nanomaxx is out of the nursing budget.
I recently tried the Bard Site-Rite PreVue and was very disappointed with the image quality and need to use disposable standoff gel pads.

Does anyone have a recommendation on a line-only unit on the market that is
a) under $5000
b) small footprint
c) images decently for peripheral access, (superficial and deep veins- adult or peds)
d) workable without disposable clip-on devices?

Perhaps something you've seen a PICC nurse push around?

Thank you for your thoughts,

Justin A Davis, MD, MPH, RDMS
Subchief for Emergency Ultrasound Services
Kaiser Oakland Medical Center
Oakland, CA
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