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What do I need to know about transducer disinfection?
Posted: Tuesday, August 21, 2012
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Why do I needto disinfect a probe following use?

This topic comes up frequently. This process is driven largely by hospital infection control and infectious disease specialists. Thereis surprisingly scant literature demonstrating the necessity of high-level disinfectionbetween exams, like a trans-vaginal exam with an endocavitary probe, but ACOG and AIUM guidelines support high-level disinfection as standard practice. Therefore, nothaving a disinfection protocol in place will inevitably cause friction betweenyour EUS division and the hospital ID/Infection Control committee.


What is thebest disinfection means?

Many section members prefer a cidex based solution (CidexOPA) with a soaking chamber and optimally, a ventilation system. Having a logthat details both frequent checks on the solution, as well as the frequency ofsolution replacement, is important for hospital oversight. This can be done ina paper log book posted next to the disinfection station or electronically as apart of the EUS division digital resources.


Can trophon beused?

This is a new disinfection system made by GE. There may belimited evidence that this is better than standard techniques. However, this isan evolving area and stay tuned.

Posted: Friday, December 21, 2012
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Has anyone used Trophon? Any other recs?


As a new EUS director with a new program, I am looking for a high level disinfecting system, that is affordable, easy to use, and preferably does not involve a vapor control system.



Virginia Stewart, MD RDMS RDCS

Director of Emergency Ultrasound Riverside Medical Group
Posted: Saturday, August 24, 2013
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Hi Virginia,


A Trophon was just purchased for shared use by our ED and OB Departments.  We are excited to start using this device. Based on the web based materials, it looks like operating the Trophon is as simple as operating a Keurig coffee machine.  


Our radiology ultrasound manager expressed that she was interested in swapping out all of our systems 35 Cidex cleaning stations with a Trophon over time as her budget allows.


Fortunately, the price point for this product seems even less expensive than a CIDEX solution in a relatively short period of time.


Matt Flannigan, DO, RDMS

Ultrasound Program Director

Emergency Care Specialists

Michigan State University-Grand Rapids Emergency Medicine Residency

Posted: Sunday, March 29, 2015
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Hi All,

We currently use the Trophon machine to disinfect our endocavitary probes and have been asked by the hospital to start transporting them to the machine in a 4mm thick biohazard bag or container.  We have been cleaning the probes with the manufacturer suggested Sanicloth after use then taking them directly to the Trophon without a transport vessel (other than wearing gloves).  Does anyone else use a biohazard container to transport clean but not disinfected endocavitary probes?  Seems like overkill but wanted to see if anyone has any experience either way.

Petra Duran-Gehring, MD, RDMS
Director of Emergency Ultrasound
Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Florida-Jacksonville
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