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Why do I need to transition to a digital archival system and what equipment do I need?
Posted: Tuesday, August 21, 2012
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While many of us trained with a system of printing thermalimages for review during credentialing, there is an undeniable trend totransition to electronic archival. This allows a more reliable and stablesystem, where both still images and video clips can be uploaded from anultrasound machine to a dedicated server and kept for a prolonged period oftime without experiencing image degradation found with thermal images or otheranalog media.


The equipment needed to create a digital workflow varies,depending on the specifics. For example, external transfer via USB or Ethernetto a hard disk does not require DICOM capability, but wireless or wired interfaces to a PACS or PACS-based server typically do. Getting your information technology and Biomed departments involved at anearly stage may significantly improve your chances of success whentransitioning to a digital imaging solution. 

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