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Granting of GLOBAL ultrasound privileges
Posted: Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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Currently our hospital grants u/s privileges per application.  This can be cumbersome as more applications for bedside ultrasound develop e.g. appy, SBO.  It means going before the governance board and requesting that more apps be added to our privileges.

What I would like to change to is an ultrasound program policy that essentially says that bedside ultrasound applications continue to evolve.  The policy would allow for privileging to evolve as well as long as it is done in accordance with our specialty-specific society, ACEP.  No need to go before the governance board every time we want to add on a new application.

Does anyone have an example of this global privileging policy that they would be willing to share?


Jim Villareal, MD

Intermountain Medical Center

Salt Lake City, UT

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