Value of Emergency Medicine

Support Fair Insurance Coverage

As insurance company giant Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield began implementing a policy that devalued emergency care and denied coverage for patients, ACEP conducted a Fair Coverage campaign. Three viral videos were released and promoted, generating more than 600,000 viewings.

Saving Millions Campaign

This campaign is designed to promote the value of emergency medicine to policymakers and to the general public. Campaign tools include print ads, a video, and animated infographic.

AHA Report on Value of EM

Emergency Care and Urgent Care

Heroes on Medicine’s Frontline

EM Statistical Profile

50th Anniversary Edition of Medicine's Front Line

Emergency Physicians Save More Than Lives

Patient satisfaction with emergency care is high, according to a new poll that found more than three in four people (79 percent) reported being satisfied with their most recent emergency department visits. Eighty percent said they trusted emergency rooms to provide patients with high-quality care, and nearly three in four people correctly said that emergency physicians are medical experts who are residency trained and board certified.

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