April 27, 2021

National Emergency Medicine PAC (NEMPAC)

Who We Are

In 1980, ACEP founded its bipartisan federal political action committee, the National Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee (NEMPAC), to help promote ACEP’s legislative goals and express the concerns of emergency medicine to Members of Congress. NEMPAC is the financial vehicle through which ACEP members can support the election or re-election of federal candidates who share their commitment to emergency medicine. NEMPAC pools smaller donations from individual ACEP members, donating them in one unified contribution on behalf of the entire profession.

How to Get Involved

Only ACEP members can join and support NEMPAC. If you are an ACEP member, click here to learn more about NEMPAC. 

For more information about NEMPAC, please contact Jeanne Slade or Sarah Heckman in the ACEP Washington, D.C. Office.

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