November 20, 2020

Our Goals

To train current and future Emergency Medicine physicians who will act as medical directors and practicing physicians during mass gathering events in which medical care is anticipated for spectators and/or participants.

The ACEP Event Medicine Section will further the College’s ability to meet its objectives

Emergency physicians are far and away the medical specialty that provides physician coverage for mass gathering events. Additionally, the general public expects medical providers at large events for example, at the Chicago Marathon (heat deaths) and the Boston Marathon (bombing). As such, we want Emergency Physicians to be equipped with the knowledge to appropriately care for spectators and participants within the resources available. High quality medical care is dependent on many variables which include both personnel and equipment. The venue, event staffing, and equipment needed (helicopter, ambulance crew, x-rays, code drugs, etc.) directly impacts the quality of emergency care that is provided to the public. In addition, variety of practice has been shown to extend physician longevity in the practice of Emergency Medicine and helps to prevent burnout. 

Join the ACEP Event Medicine Section

  • Network and collaborate with other healthcare providers who do event medicine.
  • Learn and share best practices for handling a mass gathering emergency.
  • Help promote the unique practice environment of event medicine.