Clinical Ultrasound Fellowship Application Kit

Welcome to the ACEP Ultrasound Section's Fellowship Application Kit.

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This website is intended for interested residents aspiring to be clinical ultrasound fellows. The kit was created by ACEP's Resident Education Subcommittee and features:

  • An application timelineCurriculum vitae examples from successfully matched fellows
  • Personal statement examples from successfully matched fellows(Coming soon!) A town hall with a list of commonly asked and answered questions
  • A list of mentors who you should feel free to contact

Why do an ultrasound fellowship? -- EMRA Ultrasound Fellowship Guide

This fellowship specifically targets those who are interested in becoming experts and future leaders in utilizing ultrasound in emergency medicine.

Clinical Ultrasound Program List

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Fellowship Affiliation

Current Role

Trent She

Hartford Hospital

US Division Director, US Fellowship Director

Diana Mora

UCF North Florida

US Division Director, US Fellowship Director, US Resident Education Director

Rachel Liu


US Fellowship Director, US Medical Student Elective Director

Jeffrey Greco

Robert Wood Johnson

US Fellowship Director

Evan Vincent


US Division Director, US Fellowship Director

Liang Liu


US Fellowship Director

Jay Lin

Mount Sinai

US Faculty

Matt Lohse

Baylor Scott & White - Temple, TX

US Division Director, US Fellowship Director, US Clerkship Director, US Resident Education Director

Contribute to Kit

Current and previous ultrasound fellows as well as ultrasound faculty, please feel free to contribute to the kit as you see fit below by filling out either of the two Google forms.


We thank the following contributors to our fellowship application kit.

  • Diana Mora
  • Rachel Liu
  • Jeffrey Greco
  • Makoto Tanigawa
  • Zachary Boivin
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