PEM POCUS Curriculum Toolbox

A resource of PEM POCUS Curricula aimed at training in practice physicians in PEM POCUS

There are many recommendations of how to train fellows and residents in POCUS but limited resources for in practice physicians (practice-based pathway). Here we share real life examples of PEM POCUS curricula from a variety of different institutions so we can learn from one another.

Key Definitions

  • Training-based pathway: POCUS education during PEM fellowship training
  • Practice-based pathway: POCUS education while a practicing clinician after completing fellowship training
    • those who trained before widespread POCUS education
    • those who wish to increase their comfort/abilities even if they had some training in fellowship
    • EM trained physicians who wish to better apply POCUS to pediatric patients

Example Curricula

For each curriculum, we comment on institutional factors like size, type of hospital, presence of training programs. We also highlight notable features of each submission as well as special considerations to note. This way, you can find curricula from institutions that might be similar to your own and therefore may be easier to adopt.

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Cool Contributions

Some contributors shared really awesome resources that weren't quite curricula but that we find extremely useful and want to share!

All contributions listed here are shared with permission of their contributors for circulation. They may be downloaded and shared with appropriate credit to their original creator.

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Logging Tools

Tracking scans is a key part of any physician in practice's POCUS learning. Here are several scan logging platforms to consider.

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Encouraging in-practice physicians to add a skill to their practice can be challenging. Incentives can help adoption of POCUS. Gaining department leadership support is a key to success. Here we list several incentive methods that have been successful in some departments.

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Current Literature

Key literature regarding PEM POCUS training and curricula

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Our Team

We are a group who have come together through discussions of how to share PEM POCUS with our colleagues and make this knowledge more accessible.

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