Emerging Technologies

Co-Chair: Rachel B. Liu, MD, FACEP

Co-Chair: Jacob Schoeneck, MD


To keep the ACEP US community up-to-date on developments within industry as well as emerging applications, serve as a forum for junior members to increase basic knowledge of IT and workflow, facilitate connections among members and vendor leaders. This group is a separate subcommittee than the IRT, but will participate in projects connected with the Industry Round Table. 


  1. Maintain up-to-date list of emerging technologies and/or new companies within the POCUS space.
  2. Keep abreast of emerging applications in POCUS with respect to the EM specialty.
  3. Provide education and updates to the ACEP EUS community at-large via town halls, the EUS Newsletter, engagED, and social media.
  4. Anticipate and troubleshoot potential issues arising from emerging technologies with respect to workflow, institutional and system-wide implementation, and/or hardware itself (technical processes, infection control).
    • Communicate with other ACEP EUS subcommittees in providing support documents or guidelines
  5. Establish a network of members within ACEP EUS who can inform the committee of emerging concepts and identify experts in those realms.
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