June 18, 2019

Updates from the Advanced Practice Provider Subcommittee

Francisco Norman, MPAS, RGR, PA-C
Advent Health

Dayna Jaynstein, MSPAS, PA-C
US Acute Care Solutions

Currently, the Advanced Practice Provider (APP) subcommittee has been focused on addressing the most current request we receive from both physicians and APPs: how to get APPs privileged to utilize emergency ultrasound (EUS). It appears that while the ACEP Ultrasound Guidelines provide some language related to APP utilization of EUS, we are finding that the language is not clear enough in stating that the same guidelines and pathway should be employed for APPs. Therefore, the APP subcommittee has been working on a statement to clarify the pathway for APPs to attain EUS privileging through their local credentialing committees. In most cases this would be analogous to the ‘Practice Based Pathway’ for physicians. This statement will emphasize that all providers, including APPs, should use the standards established by the ACEP Ultrasound Guidelines to achieve and sustain EUS competency.

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