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Seeking Applications for Editor in Chief of New Journal

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) is launching an (as-yet-unnamed, called “ACEP2” here) open access journal that identifies, improves, publishes and communicates relevant information on all aspects of emergency medicine and related topics. We seek an experienced editor for the position of Editor in Chief. The editor will participate in the full-scale launch work of the journal, including creation of the editorial board and strategic editorial plans.

The new Editor in Chief’s term will begin in 2019, with the first issue being published in 2020. The deadline for submission of applications is March 25, 2019.

Title: Editor in Chief

Reports to: Board of Directors, American College of Emergency Physicians


  • To ensure that ACEP2 adheres to the missions of the College and the journal.
  • ACEP mission: To support quality emergency medicine care and to promote the interests of emergency physicians.
  • ACEP2 mission: To provide an open access journal that identifies, improves, publishes, and communicates relevant information on all aspects of emergency medicine and related topics, encompassing all sub-specialist areas across the international emergency medicine community.


  • Has autonomy and responsibility to achieve the journal’s mission and serves as advocate for all aspects of the journal’s success when appropriate and applicable. Physician candidates with a strong emergency medicine background are welcomed. If not a current ACEP member, membership will be required.
  • The journal will begin to publish issues in 2020 and compensation starts that year.
  • The editorial office will open for submissions in the spring or summer of 2019.
  • The editor in chief is expected to fully participate in full-scale launch work starting in the spring or summer of 2019.



  1. Ensure the educational value and integrity of the journal.
  2. Support the preparation and realization of strategic editorial plans.
  3. Once established, responsible for the content of the journal and editorial direction.
  4. Understand and support the manuscript referral system.
  5. Solicit articles to fulfill the journal’s unlimited allotment of editorial waivers with no article publication charge for the first six months of publication and then up to twelve articles per year thereafter.
  6. In consultation with the editorial office and the publisher:
    1. Solicit special issues in consultation with the editorial office and publisher.
    2. Drive journal development including aims and scope, unique value proposition, and new article types.
  7. Represent the journal, either personally or through delegation, at selected meetings.
  8. Provide written and verbal reports as appropriate about journal activities on a regular basis to the ACEP Board of Directors, the ACEP Executive Director, and the publisher.
  9. Manage activities and policies in close collaboration with Annals’ staff director and any ACEP2 staff, including adhering to schedules and budgets established for the development and production of ACEP2.
  10. Interface with the editors and editorial office of Annals as necessary and appropriate.

Editorial Board

  1. Conduct one in-person editorial board meeting per year.
  2. Schedule other regular contact with the board as necessary and appropriate.
  3. Invite an editorial board that reasonably reflects an appropriate balance of gender and international representation in emergency medicine and related fields as appropriate, as these are important measures for indexing.
  4. Decide the levels, roles and responsibilities of the board, and create letters of agreement and terms for their service.
  5. Monitor performance of board members in conjunction with the editorial office.
  6. Assist with training and educating the board as necessary and applicable.

Peer Review

  1. Establish the peer review and reviewer selection process.
  2. Maintain quality standards in peer review process and ensure that the journal adheres to COPE and ICMJE ethical guidelines.
  3. As an open access journal, establish peer review practices for the journal based on sound science principles: preliminary results, negative results, confirmatory or replicatory studies are acceptable, the journal should look for reasons to accept vs. reject.


  1. An active researcher or clinician and recognized expert in the field with a broad knowledge of the subject area.
  2. A wide sphere of influence and range of contacts.
  3. Experience with the online editorial process.
  4. Strong organizational, negotiation, and writing skills.
  5. Demonstrated track record of academic excellence and recognition as a scholar in the field of emergency medicine, including extensive experience publishing in, reviewing for, and editing of peer-reviewed journals.
  6. Excellent leadership skills, in particular the ability to motivate and inspire teams.
  7. Strong sense of ethics and integrity, including a clear understanding of the ethical guidelines for scholarly publishing.
  8. Understanding of editorial, ethical, and political sensitivities involved when accepting and soliciting journal content.


  1. Understanding of and support for the open access business model.
  2. Willingness to travel.
  3. Knowledge of social media and disruptive technologies in scholarly publishing.

Information and Application Deadlines

  • To apply, please submit a curriculum vitae, letter of application addressing your qualifications for the position, along with a brief statement of your vision for this new journal. Please also provide a statement from your department chair or dean as documentation of support and a conflict of Interest statement.
  • Letters of application should be addressed to ACEP, and sent via email to Tracy Napper, Editorial Director (tnapper@acep.org). Contact Ms. Napper for more information about the journal itself, and the scope of responsibilities of the Editor in Chief.
  • Deadline for submission of applications is March 25, 2019.
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