Annals of Emergency Medicine is seeking guest editors to join the podcast team


We want to increase the diversity of our editorial team and give voice to those who are under-represented. 

The Annals of Emergency Medicine podcast is a free companion to the digital and print issues of the journal, featuring commentary on each month's highlights. The podcast is hosted on all the major services, counting thousands of downloads each month. The two current podcast hosts wish to expand the team to provide more diverse perspectives on a variety of important emergency medicine topics.

Application Process:

Click on the yellow “Contact Us Today” button and include the following information:

  • Upload your CV.
  • In the Comments box, respond to the following with 125 words or less: As a potential podcast editor, what ideas would you have to change, improve, or otherwise adapt the current podcast format to the evolving education needs of its audience?

Responsibilities and scope includes:

  • Participation in a rotating schedule of hosting responsibilities.
  • Review of pre-publication articles for suitability of inclusion.
  • Coordination with other co-host(s) to arrange a time for recording.
  • Presentation of articles in an interactive recording session with other co-host(s).
  • Liaison with podcast editing team to ensure content is suitable for dissemination.
  • Collaboration with editorial board and other members of podcast team to further develop and refine presentation for the benefit of ACEP members and other listeners.

Requires own noise-cancelling headset and microphone for podcasting to ensure a quality audio standard. Contact us today with your expression of interest.

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