Humanities at the Bedside

Connections - Session B

Patch Adams, extended trailer


Patch Adams, full speech


Dallas Buyer’s Club doctor scene


Guiding discussion:

  1. Based on the videos, do you believe in one type of approach over the other when engaging with patients? Do you find yourself toggling between different approaches or do you meld practices of both?
  2. As an emergency medicine physician, do you focus more on treating the patient, the disease, or some combination of both? How do you determine that in practice when actually caring for a patient?
  3. How do you fit your goals of patient communication and clinician communication within the time constraints of emergency medicine (e.g. using scripts, offering pieces of info and returning for questions)?



Make a list of your motivations for going into medicine. Looking at that list, do you feel that you’ve been true to your motivations? Are there certain ideas on that list that you now consider naive? What are the barriers to the items on the list?

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