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Residency Programs

Introducing My Residency Learning Portal- ACEP’s Customized Learning Management System for Residency Programs!

Designed with Your Program in Mind

My Residency Learning Portal is a customized, personalized, single entry point for high-quality, EM on-demand education. It offers robust, peer-reviewed content presented by world-renowned educators in Emergency Medicine, and boasts over 850 hours of course selections.

Time Saving Features. Streamlined Asynchronous Learning

Unique Learner Modality

Host your own content, or pick specific topics from the 150+ courses available: lectures, webinars, journal articles and podcasts.

Extensive EM Content

Robust and peer reviewed, many courses were featured at ACEP conferences, and all are tied to the EM model.

Diverse Expert Educators

Hear from world-renowned educators—Amal Mattu, MD, FACEP; Scott Weingart, MD, FACEP; Diane Birnbaumer, MD, FACEP; Peter DeBlieux, MD., and the list goes on!

Easy Navigation

Courses are organized by topic and searchable!

Measure Performance

Monitor your Resident’s activity and performance in real time through the admin activity notification feature, or simply download each Resident’s course completion report. As a bonus, enrolled faculty can earn CME!


No one-size fits all, here. The annual fee structure is based on the size of your program.

Supports Asynchronous Learning

Streamlined education includes: FOAMed tracking, discussion boards, post-tests, and meets the six requirements for Individualized Interactive Instruction (III).
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