Getting Started with Phase IV

Dear ED Director’s Academy Phase IV Candidates:

We are excited to welcome you to Phase IV of the Emergency Department Directors Academy. This phase is designed as an independent study, in which you, the Project Leader, will define the project and its scope under the guidance of a mentor.

To help you move forward, the following describes the Phase IV logistics.

Step I: Registration

You can register for Phase IV by calling the ACEP Meeting Registrar at 844-381-0911 or by filling out an application here.

Registration Fees:
ACEP Members $500
Non-Members $600

Step II: Planning Phase (includes selection of topic and mentor, and project definition)

You, as the Project Leader, will define the project and its scope and then select a mentor.

The mentor may be selected from:

A list of approved mentors who have volunteered. Mentors have committed to participate in at least one project at a time (of interest to them), though some may participate in more than one.

-- OR --

A personal mentor of your choosing, who is approved by the Project Review Board, upon submission of a Mentor Request Form.

Once your mentor is selected, you and your mentor will work together to discuss, further define, and agree on the details of the project, including a description of the project goal and determination of the methodologies that will be used to complete the project and measure project success.

Step III: Project Approval (completion and submission of PPRF)

You will submit the Project Proposal Review Form (PPRF) for approval. Please submit the completed form to Shannon Campbell at If you do not receive a confirmation within three business days, please contact Shannon. The Project Review Board (PRB) will review the project and return it within four to six weeks either “approved” or “with recommended changes.”

Step IV: Implementation Phase

Now that you have a mentor and defined a project, it is time to begin implementation. It is anticipated that there will be documentation of milestones and regular communication between you and your mentor.

Step V: Formal Submission of Completed Project

You will submit a formal written report describing the completed project. The Project Review Board will review all completed projects, accept them, or refer them back for additional work prior to their acceptance. Upon final approval of the candidate’s completed project, the Project Review Board will recommend that the candidate receive his or her ACEP Emergency Department Directors Academy program certificate.

Because of the nature of this self-study program, it does not offer CME credit. However, we are certain that the value of this project to your profession will be worth far more to your success than CME credit hours.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact either of us.

We are excited for you to begin the final phase of ACEP’s Emergency Department Directors Academy.


Rob Strauss, MD, FACEP
Program Director, Emergency
Department Directors Academy
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Intensive Experience

I enjoyed the intensive experience and the camaraderie gained through interaction with other medical director/assistants.