Rebecca B. Parker, MD, FACEP

Board-certified, residency-trained, practicing emergency physician at Tucson Medical Center; President, Team Parker LLC; Past President, American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP); ACEP leadership journey: Chair of ACEP Board of Directors, Chair of ACEP’s formidable Coding and Nomenclature Advisory Committee, Chair of the Section of Young Physicians; a local leader in Illinois (ICEP) and Texas (TCEP) Chapters. Awards, Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association’s (EMRA) Joseph F. Waeckerle, M.D., FACEP Alumni of the Year Award, ICEP’s Bill B. Smiley Meritorious Service Award, American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation Leadership Award and the AMA’s Women’s Physician Congress Mentor Award

Tools to Succeed

This really provided me with a lot of information to hopefully effect change at my hospital and ED. New to the job, I definitely feel I have the tools to succeed and make a difference in my ED. I really thought the conference was invaluable and think it will be useful for my partners to attend also even though they are not directors.