February 28, 2022

Sorry for the Delay but … COVID

Ellen Finney, MD
Dual Training Section Secretary/Newsletter Editor

Phases of Disaster.jpg These last two years have been nothing short of terrible when you sit down and think about where we started and where we currently stand. Fortunately, at our last annual meeting, we were privileged to have Dr. Jack Rozel (medical director, Resolve Crisis Services of UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital, associate professor of psychiatry and adjunct professor of law, University of Pittsburgh) speak with the section virtually. The graphic above, clipped from his presentation, is an image I keep referring to when I think about the challenges we face processing each endless new wave of the pandemic. Dr. Rozel spoke about how our “crisis brain” can be irritable, biased, error prone, forgetful, distracted, impulsive and emotional. There was also a great discussion on how to best take care for yourself - seeking emotional support, setting expectations for friends, being mindful with whom we share facts, having mutual wellness checks, and having a “trusted limit setter” who can pull us back when we are moving too far in one direction.

Thankfully, we have all either survived or are surviving a five-year residency. We are experts in the art of endurance. As we enter year three of the COVID-19 pandemic, we possess that unique skill set to deal with the trials and tribulations ahead. Work hard, support each other and yourself, and remember that your good is good enough

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