June 2, 2020

Let's Talk engagED Platform

Let's Talk Chatroom

This engagED community, spearheaded by the Wellness Section, is focused on creating a safe space where members can discuss ongoing challenges within their roles, EDs, and life in general. Members are able to reach out to colleagues for advice and encouragement pertaining to the internal and external factors contributing to the balance of wellness.


Within the community we have a few guidelines intended to keep communications constructive and encouraging:

  • All posts are moderated. Each time a post is submitted, it is reviewed prior to publishing to the community.
  • All posts need to be deidentified. Please do not include names of hospitals, leaders, employees, or patients.
  • Posts can address personal and professional issues and challenges, but we ask that they are constructive and not critical in nature.
  • If a post is being rejected, you will be notified directly with an explanation and proposed modifications so that we can publish your post.

Posting Anonymously

Some topics can be difficult to raise, and we want your voice to be heard. The Let’s Talk Community is the only forum on engagED that allows for anonymous posting. You must log in to engagED and post from the web platform to utilize this tool. Anonymous posting is not available when contributing to a discussion via email.

A few things to mention about the Anonymous Posting Feature:

  • If you post anonymously, your information is removed even within the moderating process. The moderator cannot see your information.
  • You can respond to posts anonymously.
  • If you respond to an anonymous posting, you will not be able to respond directly to the individual that created the original posting and the response will be posted to the community.

*If you choose to not post anonymously, your name will appear on the post board and any member within the community may be able to respond to you directly. This includes any response to a post.

Join Us!

Please enter your name and email associated with your ACEP membership below to opt-in to the community. Please note, access to the engagED communities is an ACEP member benefit. Considering ACEP membership? More info can be found here.

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