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ACEP COVID-19 Field Guide

Table of Contents

How COVID-19 Moves Within a Hospital


This chapter covers medical screening examinations as well as strategies for tele-triage and hospital-flow optimization. First, examine how COVID-19 can move within a hospital, from screening areas to lower-, moderate-, and high-risk areas (Figure 5.1). The goal of hospital-flow optimization is to protect health care workers (HCWs), so they can keep seeing patients, rather than becoming patients themselves.

Figure 5.1 How COVID-19 moves within a hospital. Credit: Jung K, Li R, Ng A, et al. How hospitals can protect frontline healthcare workers from COVID-19: lessons from successful model countries. Published 2020 Apr 2.

Figure 5.1


Additional information and resources can be found at the CDC Preparedness Tools for Healthcare Professionals and Facilities Responding to Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Medical Screening Examinations

Adapted from writings on ACEP’s website by Jeffrey Davis, ACEP Director of Regulatory Affairs; Aliso...


Telehealth and Tele-Triage

Contributing authors: Etch Shaheen, Michael Baker, Kevin Curtis, Aditi Joshi, Brian Skow, Jeffrey Da...


Quick Guide to a Basic Tele-Triage Program

Editor: Etch Shaheen, MD, FACEP Authors: Michael Baker; Kevin Curtis; Aditi Joshi; Etch Shaheen; and...

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