ACEP COVID-19 Field Guide

Table of Contents

Financial Resources

Financial Guidance and Information

Refer to ACEP’s “COVID-19 Financial Survival Guide: What You Need to Know.” 

ACEP has also summarized additional guidance on “Financial Support for Health Care Practitioners.”

CDC financial resources include “Get and Keep America Open: Supporting States, Tribes, Localities, and Territories.”

Regulations and Liability


Summary of CMS’s updated COVID-19 EMTALA guidance (Mar 30, 2020) The Centers for Medicare and Medica...

Regulations and Liability

State Waiver of Liability

The following 1,135 waivers have been approved by CMS as of June 3, 2020 (see also the waiver reques...

Regulations and Liability

Other Federal Updates and Guidance

For more information, see ACEP’s collated resources for other federal updates and guidance. Other F...

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