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August 18, 2020

Order PPE Through ACEP’s Collaboration with Project N95

The order window has now closed. 

To help American College of Emergency Physician members with the challenge of obtaining appropriate personal protective equipment, ACEP, along with 16 other societies, is collaborating with Project N95 - a non-profit, national COVID-19 clearinghouse.

The following PPE items will be available for group purchase for a limited time:

  • N95 Respirators, Size S
  • N95 Respirators, Size M/L
  • Isolation gowns, AAMI Level 1
  • Disposable face shields

This program is open only to ACEP members who live in 50 states of the US, Washington, DC, or Puerto Rico, who are able to access the link on ACEP.org using their ACEP login and password.

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