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Jeff Pothof, MD, FACEP

This edition of the QIPS Newsletter is full of interesting reads and tips.  I hope you find the time to browse through the different articles. Our Chair, Christopher Beach, MD, FACEP, provides a nice perspective on the history of physician peer review and how it has evolved over many years.  If you think hand washing is only a problem we have today then you owe it to yourself to read this article.

Have you been known to occasionally curse at your Electronic Health Record (EHR)?  If so, check out Dr. Badanowski and Dr. Kamens’ narrative on electronic health records and why you might be thinking your electronic record was designed by that mother-in-law that never really liked you.

Dr. Welch is back with her popular “QIPS Tips” for this edition.  For a quick high-yield read on how social media and camera phones can throw a wrench into your emergency department’s HIPPA compliance.  You will certainly want to check this tip out.

Is anyone else using Advanced Practice Paramedics to prevent recidivism and bounce-backs to your emergency department or hospital?  This study by Liz Fagen, MD and colleagues describe a very novel idea.  I am pretty sure you have not seen anything like it before.  Transitions of care are becoming a hot topic in the healthcare world.  See what this Dallas suburb came up with to address the problem.

QIPS is taking its newsletter international.  Our colleagues Drs. Sue Robinson and Ruth Brown on the other side of that big pond east of New York have been kind enough to share the British College of Emergency Medicine Safety Toolkit.  I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the safety toolkit as there are some very useful resources contained within.

We at QIPS do not pretend to predict the future, but one of our members, Dr. Meyers, did attend a conference on the future of emergency medicine.  Apparently there is a lot in our future as the column has been split in two.  Jump into this time machine and see what the leaders in Emergency Medicine predict in the coming years, and do not forget to come back for more in the next edition of the QIPS newsletter.

Remember “Good Metrics Gone Bad” from our previous newsletter?  Don’t fret as Dr. Jaben didn’t allow those metrics to misbehave for long.  See how he explains how to get your metrics back on the right track in this follow up piece.


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