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NEW QIPS Website Updates

drew fullerThe QIPS website has been updated and redesigned to better serve our member’s needs.  While it is a work in progress, the intention is for the site to be a collective resource for QIPS members across the country. Members of the section are encouraged to contribute ideas, content, links, and resources.   

Thanks to the work of Dainsworth Chambers the website is continuing to evolve.  Despite having many duties with ACEP, Dainsworth and the ACEP staff have committed a great deal of time and effort to adding content and creating a new layout.

We are continuing to add useful links, content and tools.  A section-wide announcement will be going out to highlight our featured safety project, Safer Sign Out, and we will be soliciting for the next featured safety/quality project. Please contact us if you have a useful tool, article, idea or link you would like to share.

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