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QIPS and UK’s College of Emergency Medicine Safer Care Committee Collaboration Call

Christopher BeachOn Monday January 14th a few members of QIPS joined Dr. Susan Robinson, Co-Chair of the Committee along with Clinical & Professional Standards Officer Ben Walker in a conference call.  Similar to our responsibilities within ACEP, the Safer Care Committee (SCC) has been established to provide resources for members of the College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) specifically with developing and maintaining a culture of safety and awareness in the ED. 

They have done some outstanding work towards this end in just a few short years and links to some of their accomplishments will be featured on our website in the near future. A separate group, entitled the Clinical Effectiveness Committee has the primary focus of Quality and is similar to our QPC. Both groups share similar interests (and challenges) in identifying, studying and disseminating important safety practices in the Accident and Emergency Department.  A variety of specific topics were discussed during the call with great potential for collaborative work in the future. 

The SCC has scheduled their annual conference in September (a half day event) to specifically discuss Hot Issues in ED Safety with the potential of developing a Safety Toolkit.  We anticipate several more conference calls in the coming weeks and invite member of QIPS to join and contribute as planning moves forward.  Please contact Chris Beach and Dainsworth Chambers for further details.

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