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Safety / Quality Directors Toolbox

This section will offers select content topics and links to tested tools and techniques that may assist ED managers and quality/safety officers with their administrative duties as they relate to quality and safety.


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- 8/23/2012

Many emergency departments (EDs) across the country are crowded. Nearly half of EDs report operating at or above capacity, and 9 out of 10 hospitals report holding or “boarding” admitted patients in the ED while they await inpatient beds.

- 9/20/2012

These are some examples of projects you can use to improve safety and quality in your emergency department.

- 8/23/2012

Ongoing Monitoring, Prompt Feedback, and Reminders Improve Hand Hygiene

- 9/21/2012

Patient handoffs at shift change are a ubiquitous and potentially hazardous process in emergency care.

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