Pfizer Helpful Answers – Helping Eligible Uninsured and Underinsured Patients Get Access to the Pfizer Medicines They Need.

Description of Course 

The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and Pfizer Helpful Answers® (PHA), Pfizer’s family of patient assistance programs, will conduct a Webinar training with ACEP members focused on helping uninsured and underinsured Americans access their medicines. The Webinar will include an overview of the uninsured and underinsured populations; a review of PHA programs; step-by-step directions on how to enroll patients; and a question-and-answer session.


This Webinar serves to empower attendees with information about medicine access programs, including PHA and the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) – a gateway to more than 475 patient assistance programs. The training is led by PHA Manager, Julie Feldman. The components of the training include:

  • Overview of the uninsured and underinsured American population, including key statistics
  • Brief history of Pfizer’s commitment to medicine access and an introduction to PHA
  • Ways PHA evolves its programs and services to meet patients’ changing needs
  • In-depth review of the programs that constitute PHA
  • Discussion of how PHA can help remove barriers to medicine access by:
    • Ensuring that eligible uninsured/underinsured patients can get help through PHA, no matter their age or income;
    • Providing Pfizer medicines to eligible patients through health care professionals’ offices and participating community clinics, community health centers and hospitals;
    • Providing meaningful savings on Pfizer medicines at more than 95 percent of pharmacies around the country;
    • Enabling patients to access PHA in whichever manner is most comfortable (phone or Web); and
    • Providing trained telephone operators that can answer questions about program enrollment in many languages.
  • Clarification of eligibility requirements for PHA programs
  • Introduction to the PPA
  • Tour of the PHA website (
  • Walk-through of the PHA application process and health care providers’ role in this process
  • Overview of how Pfizer spreads the word about PHA
  • Questions and answers, and an invitation to offer ideas for how Pfizer can better reach the uninsured and underinsured patient communities and the health care professional community


Julie Feldman
Manager, Pfizer Helpful AnswersPfizer Inc

Julie Feldman is a Manager of Marketing and Communications for Pfizer Helpful Answers, Pfizer’s family of patient assistance programs for the uninsured and underinsured who need help getting their Pfizer medicines. 

Prior to her role in Pfizer Helpful Answers, Julie spent five years working in the sales division of Pfizer.  Prior to joining Pfizer, Julie was an account executive at a public relations firm in New York City.

Julie holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Virginia and is currently a candidate for a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University, with a focus in health promotion and intervention design.  She is expected to graduate in February 2011.

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