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Educational Resources on the Internet for Critical Care Medicine: Part I

Critical Care Medicine Section
July 2007, Vol 8, #2

Lillian L. Emlet, MD

Innovative teaching tools are available freely on the Internet, and use of these Web sites can help educators review topics quickly when needed. There are multiple Web sites for Emergency Medicine (EM) education, but for our interests in critical care (CC), there are several resources available. At the very least, it makes for entertaining surfing on the web! I look forward to updates and have purposefully named this article Part I, as I fully expect someone to write Part II someday! I look forward to hearing from you what sites you use routinely!

Pulmonary Artery Catheter Education Project (PACEP)
This Web site is wonderful for teaching basic and advanced pulmonary artery catheter for the intensivist. Even better yet, you can get CME credits and help prepare for boards! The design is well organized and structured with pre-and post-tests to help assess your knowledge deficiencies with slide presentation in between. Basic to advance cardiopulmonary monitoring is covered, with enough questions to make anyone studying for boards happy. Interface is easy to read and navigate.

American Thoracic Society Pulmonary Artery Catheter Primer
Another primer on the pulmonary artery catheter, sponsored by American Thoracic Society, under Clinical Information, under CC resources. Mostly Q&A, you learn by doing the questions, and best for those taking boards to review questions. There are other good teaching resources on Acid-Base as well at this Web site.

CC Web links
CC, an internet journal, provides a listing of popular web resources and routinely reviews new Web sites and their pros and cons. From the main web page, click on Reports, then Web Reports. In addition, from the main home page, Web links will bring you to a listing of popular CC educational resources on topics included here and sepsis resources.

eMedicine was always a friendly quick resource during residency, and still remains a fun, quick way to make sure you have covered all the basics in any EM or critical care medicine (CCM topic). The site is searchable and quite comprehensive. Best thing about eMedicine is the weekly image case or radiograph case of the week that you can sign up to get emailed to you—from common to rare, these clinical and visual stimuli are fun to do.

This Web site is for those who like daily blogs and recreational site for CC information. Best feature is the CC pearls, which are organized by month and updated daily for a CC-relevant trivia and information. There are often references as well and something for all intensivists, beginner or advanced. While not easily searchable, the site does often provide links to references mentioned.

The Pediatric CCM Website
For those interested in pediatric CC, this comprehensive, searchable Web site provides educational resources and cited references. While the initial screen is daunting in the amount of text on the screen, the clinical resources and EB Journal Club tabs provide easy to navigate education and links.

Evidence Based CCM
An article on education resources would not be complete without a site on evidence based medicine (EBM), and out of the many excellent sites that review EBM, teaching EBM, and development of critically appraised topics (CATs), I chose this site as it provided examples on how to specifically tailor to the CC environment. Another good site would be the Scottish Intensive Care Society EBM Group at ( As teaching EBM is sometimes difficult in the fast-paced intensive care unit (ICU) environment, these sample teaching scenarios and links to further resources will hopefully inspire new teachable moments.

AICU Course: Resident ICU Course
Provided as a free service through the Society for Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), the learn ICU portion of their Web site provides a link to teaching slide set for core curriculum for residents in the ICU. You can register for free as an individual, or register as a residency coordinator. The slides are downloadable, and there is a post-test available to assess knowledge as well.

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