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Forms for Groups:

Group Referral Form 
This allows your chapter to claim the referral fee. (Word document)

Limited Time Offer: ACEP Is Going Mad for EM Groups

That’s right March is getting to us, and we’re going to celebrate our craze for EM Groups by having our first ever March Madness for Group Chapter Referrals.

For the month of March we’re offering our Chapters who refer groups to us a bonus. For referring a new group, you’ll get $250. And, once we close the deal for the group you’ve referred, we’ll give you another $250. Your chapter will need to refer and close in March. After March 31, the referral and closing fee will go back to $250 for each part.

$250 for referring an interested emergency physician group to ACEP

To receive the referral fee, you must provide proof that the group is interested in ACEP’s programs. To do this, simply complete these steps:

  1. A chapter leader, board member, or executive director must contact the group and discuss the ACEP Group Billing and Recognition Program.
  2. The chapter must indicate the group’s positive interest in receiving more information by fully completing the Chapter Referral Form (incomplete forms will result in no fee).
  3. Once you submit the completed referral form, allow 30 business days for receipt of your chapter’s check for $250.

$250 for closing the deal

To receive the referral fee, the group your chapter contacted must become part of ACEP’s Group Billing and Recognition program. For all groups who join the 100% Club and use ACEP’s group billing process or who participate in the Circle of Distinction, you’ll receive $250.

Note: This fee will be paid once ACEP receives the group’s payment and required applications. Applications are required to verify eligibility before individual memberships can be activated and the group recognized in the 100% Club or Circle of Distinction. Once this is done, allow 30 business days for receipt of your chapter’s closing referral check for $250.


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