Project Timeline for ED Winter Conference

Conference is held the last weekend of February

On the last day of the conference Reserve conference site for the next year
May – August Contact potential speakers
  • Set up schedule
  • Contact PR & Marketing to design brochure
  • Obtain mailing addresses (for two mailings)
  • Sent out postcard with dates of the upcoming conference (I usually send out the postcard towards the end of October or the beginning of November)
  • Begin contacting vendors
  • Apply for CME
  • Send brochure to be printed (takes approximately 3-4 weeks)
  • Send out brochures (first week of January)
  • Notify speakers of lecture times
  • Request handout materials from speakers
  • Put handout material together
  • Contact conference site to discuss room set up and food

Contacting vendors is an ongoing event up until the day the conference begins.
Also apply for grants throughout the whole process.

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