Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee

Ira R. Nemeth, MD, FACEP (MA) Chair

John Agee DO, FACEP (IN) 

James Aiken, MD, MHA, FACEP (LA)  

Bianca Asan, MD (TX)  

Shari Augustin (Chap Exec)

Zev Balsen, MD (CT)  

Gerald Beltran DO, FACEP (MI)  

Andrew Bern, MD, FACEP (FL)  

Saadiyah Bilal, MD (RI)  

Scott Bland (NC)  

Christopher Bonn DO, EMT-P (EMRA)

Richard Bradley, MD, FACEP (TX)  

Sara Burdash, MD (MN)  

Frederick Burkle, MD, MPH, FACEP (HI)  

Glenn Burns, MD, FACEP (GS)  

David Callaway, MD, FACEP (NC)  

Stanley Chartoff, MD, MPH, FACEP (CT)  

Angela Cornelius, MD, FACEP (LA)  

Henry Curtis, MD, FACEP (CA)  

Elizabeth Davlantes, MD (GA)  

Constance Doyle, MD, FACEP (MI)  

Aaran Drake, MD (CA)  

Jeffrey Feden, MD, FACEP (RI)  

Arthur French, MD, FACEP (GS)  

Jonathan Glauser, MD, MBA, FACEP (OH)  

Eric Goralnick, MD, FACEP (MA)  

Antonia Helbling, MD (GS)  

Ameen Jamali, MD (MI)  

Edward Jasper, MD, FACEP (PA)  

Doug Jeffrey, MD, FACEP (TX)  

Jennifer Jenkins, MD, FACEP (MD)  

Dylan Kellogg, MD (MD)  

Sean Kivlehan, MD (MA)  

Kacey Kronenfeld, MD (IN)  

Kathy Lehman-Huskamp, MD, FACEP (SC)  

Charles Little DO, FACEP (CO)  

Sharon Mace, MD, FACEP (OH)  

David Markenson, MD, MBA, FACEP (CO)  

Andrew Milsten, MD, MS, FACEP (MA)  

Brooks Moore, MD (GA)  

Mitchell Moriber DO (TX)  

Philip Nix PA-C (SEMPA)

Bruno Petinaux, MD, FACEP (DC)  

Jeffrey Rabrich DO, FACEP (NY)  

Vivian Reyes, MD, FACEP (CA)  

Luis Rios, MD, MPH, FACEP (FL)  

Marc Rosenthal DO, FACEP (MI)  

Heather Rybasack-Smith, MD (RI)  

Ritu Sarin, MD, FACEP (MA)  

Erika Schroeder, MD (WA)  

Tara Sheets, MD, FACEP (TX)  

Joelle Simpson, MD, MPH (DC)  

Matthew Smith, MD (GS)  

Brigham Temple, MD, FACEP (IL)  

Jennie Wang DO (CA)  

Gregory Wanner DO (DE)  

James Waymack, MD, FACEP (IL)  

Robert Weinberg DO (MA)  

Bryan Wexler, MD, FACEP (PA)  

Kevin Yeskey, MD, FACEP (GS)

Christopher S. Kang, MD, FACEP, Board Liaison

Pat Elmes, Staff Liaison

Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee Annual Report (PDF) 

Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee Objectives (PDF)

Best Practices for Hospital Disaster Preparedness

Disaster Medicine Curriculum (PDF)

Specialized Disaster Medical Training (PDF)   

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