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Watch these videos to learn about the key hospital flow processes that work (and ones that don’t), with practical advice from hospital experts with first-hand experience from ACEP's "Hospital Flow: Real Changes Can Save Lives and Reduce Costs," a one-day conference in May 2017.
ACEP Policy Statements and PREPs
    Guidelines for Credentialing and Delineation of Clinical Privileges in Emergency Medicine
    Resource Utilization in the Emergency Department: The Duty of Stewardship
Information Papers
    A Uniform Triage Scale in Emergency Medicine, 1999
    Emergency Department Operations Management, 2004
    Emergency Department Palliative Care, 2012 
    Emergency Department Patient Satisfaction Surveys, 2011 
    Emergency Medicine Provider Productivity, 2009  
    Emergency Physicians in Hospital Leadership, 2002
    Federally Qualified Health Centers, 2011
    Freestanding Emergency Departments, 2013
    Freestanding Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers, 2015 
    Medication Shortages, 2013
    Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners in Emergency Medicine, 2012 
    Radiologic Imaging and Teleradiology in the Emergency Department, 2006
    Screening Questions and Streamlining Triage, 2015
    Statistically Valid Patient Satisfaction Surveys, 2017  
    The Changing Practice of Emergency Medicine, 2004 
    The Role and Value of Emergency Medicine 2016
    The Role and Value of the Emergency Department in an Accountable Care Organization, 2015
    Use of Scribes in the Emergency Department, 2011

Other Resources
    Analyze ED Revenue
    Efficiency in the Emergency Department
    ED Medical Director Roles and Responsibilities - Job Description, July 2015
    Ensuring Adequate On-Call Backup in the ED
    HIPAA Compliance Information
    Physician Remediation, Retraining & Behavior Modification Resources
    Resources: Opioid Counseling in the Emergency Department
    Salary Surveys - Emergency Medicine
    State of the Art: Observation Units in the Emergency Department, 2011     
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