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Are you looking for health and wellness support in your emergency medicine career? The Wellness Section is it!

Whether you’re a resident or nearing retirement, this group provides an opportunity to learn what you can do to avoid burnout, enjoy a balanced life, and keep the vitality necessary to be a healthy emergency physician. Section members are involved in research on a variety of wellness issues and, in addition, have an opportunity to volunteer for peer-to-peer support on career issues and litigation stress. 

Wellness Section members may send an e-mail to all members of this section via the section e-list at  

Join ACEP in the 2018 Emergency Medicine Wellness Week, March 11-18TM

Because the most important life you save is your own. Sign up online for daily wellness tips, find resources and videos about better wellness, and share your stories of improvement.  



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Section grant

The Wellness Section was the recipient of a 2011 section grant: Resilient Emergency Physicians: the personal, chronobiologic and organizational characteristics of burnout-resistance.  The study describes and promulgates the factors which are common among resilient EPs who enjoy a long, positive career.  Click here to access the full manuscript. 



Caution: The Whooping Cough Is Back 
The first of two ACEP News articles is from May 2009 and outlines the CDC recommendations for emergency physicians and the pertussis vaccine.

A Case of a Family With Cough - Pertussis Is Back  
This second ACEP News article from August 2009 illustrates a typical pertussis patient presentation to the ED. 

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