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Wednesday, October 16, 2013
12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Pacific
Location: Metropolitan B, Sheraton Seattle Hotel

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  ACEP HIT Forum 

  End-Users Matter!

 Please join ACEP in thanking the sponsors of our HIT Forum and our End-Users Matter Campaign. The following EDIS vendors have partnered with ACEP's Health IT Forum in continued collaboration with the Emergency Medicine Informatics Section & ACEP leadership on the IT issues that are most important to you! They care about your feedback so please visit them and share your ideas.

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The ACEP Health Information Technology (HIT) Forum was organized to facilitate vendor cooperation, to advance the use of technology to improve safety for emergency patients, to enable better communication between ACEP and the vendors, and to help create abetter HIT experience for emergency physicians.  Its membership is limited to Health IT vendors and developers and ACEP members.

As technology continues to develop, emergency physicians have been anxious to use these advances for improving health care and health care systems. The Section of Emergency Medicine Informatics educates the College about the use of computers in emergency medicine, is a resource of applicable literature and software, and encourages further training and research into the use of computers in emergency medicine.

Informatics Section members may send an e-mail to all members of this section via the section e-list at


Policy - Making the Most of EHR
If your EHR System is a lemon, you’re not alone. Get involved in the process of developing the data and literature necessary to push this industry in the right direction.
by Jesse Pines, MD


 Meaningful Use and Emergency Medicine



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