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Democratic Group Practice

Traditionally, democratic practice groups give their physician constituents an opportunity to make decisions by offering equal voting to all of its members. This practice model has its advantages and disadvantages, and the Democratic Group Practice Section is a forum for emergency physicians to learn more and also to provide input to the College.

The section’s objectives include educating emergency physicians about aspects of democratic group practice, including obtaining and maintaining a contract; understanding economic, hospital, and health care policy; furthering career opportunities; and maintaining career longevity and economic viability.

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Leaving the ED Residency Nest: Diversity of Practice
This presentation was created by the Democratic Group Practice Section to summarize the main differences between democratic groups, contract management groups, and academic groups as well as to explore questions and techniques to aid in interviewing and employment decisions. Our section recognizes that there will be different styles of emergency medicine practice, and a democratic group may not suit everyone’s practice style or needs. Our hope is that knowing the differences and how to draw them out during the interview process will lead to better decision making on job choices.  May 2017. 

Before you sign on the dotted line, Caveat Emptor– What else should you know…

Before You Sign a Contract.... 

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