Turning On Browser Cookies

Logging into the ACEP.org site requires that cookies be enabled on your browser. 

Below is information on how you can check that cookies are allowed on such popular browsers and Internet Explorer and Netscape/Mozilla.

Because there are dozens, if not hundreds, of browsers on the market, we cannot include help information for all of them.  However, if you use a different browser, you should be able to go to its "Help" menu and search for the term "cookies" to receive more specific information.

Internet Explorer | Netscape

Turning on Cookies in Internet Explorer 6

  1. From the Internet Explorer Menu Bar, Select "Tools -> Internet Options."
  2. Select the "Privacy" tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click the "Advanced" button.
  4. If  "Override automatic cookie handling" is not checked, then cookies are enabled. Otherwise, make sure "Always allow session cookies" is checked. Leave the other options as they were.
  5. Click OK to close both the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box and the Internet Options property page.

Turning on Cookies in Netscape or Mozilla

  1. From the Menu Bar, select "Edit -> Preferences."
  2. In the Category list to the left, double-click "Privacy & Security," and select "Cookies" from the options below it.

  3. Make sure the "Enable cookies for the originating web site only" option is selected.

  4. Click OK to return to Netscape (or Mozilla).
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