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Laura Millemon, MD,

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What is the Nebraska Chapter ACEP?

Nebraska Chapter ACEP is your local connection to the emergency medicine network of physicians working for you. Many of the issues that affect your practice of medicine are determined at the national level. However, more and more, important issues are decided at the state level. Nebraska Chapter ACEP is your state advocate for emergency medicine. Nebraska Chapter ACEP works for the highest principles of our specialty to the benefit of our physicians and patients together. It is a democratic organization with elected officers and a board of directors. Nebraska Chapter ACEP is a unifying force for emergency physicians facing practice challenges in all their wide variety, in a setting of rapid change. Nebraska Chapter ACEP is a respected, expert and united voice of reason.

Nebraska Chapter ACEP is YOUR voice!! 

Who is Nebraska Chapter ACEP?

The Nebraska Chapter ACEP is one of 53 chapters that are chartered by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). It is a diverse group of practicing emergency physicians. They include academicians, private practice physicians, large group, small group, individual physicians, board certified, non-board certified, rural, urban, residents, medical students, democrats, republicans, independent, young fresh members, and older mature members. This diversity and unity gives us strength to pursue our common goals.

Nebraska Chapter ACEP is YOU!! 

Who can be involved in Nebraska Chapter ACEP?

Would you like to be involved? Chapters bring members together to address the full range of issues facing emergency physicians. Chapters advocate for the rights of physicians and their patients to ensure delivery of the highest quality emergency care. In addition to advocacy, chapters also provide:

  • Continuing medical education through meetings and resources
  • News and information
  • Local networking opportunities
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Liaison relationships with the state medical society and other local organizations
  • Public education activities

One of the important values of chapter membership is having your rights and interests represented at the state government. As a unified professional organization we take steps to empower emergency physicians and protect our patients.

Chapters work to form relationships on a state level, resulting in open communication, increased visibility, and inclusion with agencies and organizations such as the state health department, state legislature, the hospital association, and the state medical society.

Nebraska Chapter ACEP needs YOU to be involved! 

What are the goals of Nebraska Chapter ACEP?

Nebraska Chapter ACEP is committed to protect the longevity and future of individual physicians, our patients, and emergency medicine as a specialty. We promote policies that preserve the integrity and independence of emergency medical practice. We represent the interest of all Nebraska Chapter ACEP emergency physicians. Nebraska Chapter ACEP supports emergency physician representation within medical organizations and academic institutions. Nebraska Chapter ACEP represents the interest of all Nebraska emergency physicians. 

Nebraska Chapter ACEP WANTS YOU!

Rest in the knowledge that Nebraska Chapter ACEP is taking care of your business, so you can get to the business of taking care of people.

For more information, please contact us today. 

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