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Bruce Lo, MD, MBA, FACEP, President

Bob Ramsey, CAE
Executive Director

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Mission: To Promote And Protect The Interests Of Emergency Physicians And The Patients They Serve.

Who is VaCEP? We are –

Over 800 Emergency Physicians in many different settings, in community and academic practice throughout Virginia. Emergency Medicine residents and medical students from all 5 training programs in Virginia are represented as well.

Members elect our Board of Directors, and the Board employs a variety of resources, including committees of volunteer members, staff, and a lobbyist to help promote and protect the interests of Emergency Physicians and the patients they serve.

Serving members for over 47 years, the Board relies on member input to develop and guide the activities of VACEP. You are welcome and encouraged to attend Board meetings where concerns are shared and solutions to vexing and perplexing issues are developed, debated and implemented.

The Voice of Emergency Medicine in Virginia –

VACEP is recognized by elected officials, government agencies, health care organizations, insurers/payors and medical colleagues for our advocacy on behalf of Emergency Physicians and patients. Such as:

  • Advocating patient rights.
    VACEP worked diligently for Virginia to become the 2nd state in the country to adopt the Prudent Layperson Standard requiring HMO payment for emergency services into law. We followed that with successful legislation that referrals to an emergency department by HMO gatekeepers or physicians could not be denied for emergency payment.
  • Advocating fair pay.
    Our continued efforts to improve Medicaid payment rates resulted in streamlined claims processes to recognize appropriate emergency services, including automatic payment for all Level 4 and 5 visits at emergency rates. We also secured incremental increases for emergency physician services from 70% of the Medicare fee schedule up to 75%. Our efforts to repeal the pend/review program for Level 3 visits are ongoing Virginia law permits patients to assign insurance benefits to practitioners but does not mandate the industry honor that assignment. Our attempts to remedy this via legislation have been thwarted by the insurance lobby tacking on a prohibition against balance billing by non-participating providers. This is unfair to physicians providing EMTALA-related services and the issue continues to be our number one priority in the General Assembly.
  • Advocating improved patient care.
    VACEP sponsors annual continuing medical education programs featuring local and national speakers on Emergency Medicine topics that satisfy state CME requirements and meet ABEM continuous certification process.

    VACEP is a cofounder of the Governor’s Interagency Civil Commitment Council, to improve Virginia’s civil commitment laws and regulations which are often in conflict with our EMTALA-mandated services. This council seeks solutions to the burdens the system imposes on all its stakeholders and the patients in their care.

  • Advocating public health issues.
    VACEP promotes passage of a primary seat belt law, anticipating victory in the 2006 General Assembly. VACEP has successfully blocked repeal of the motorcycle helmet law several years running. Lawmakers seek out VACEP members counsel on a variety of issues regarding public safety and EMS.
  • Advocating practice issues.
    VACEP works independently and with coalitions on tort reform initiatives to keep malpractice insurance available and affordable, and provide reasonable compensation for injured patients.

    VACEP crafted legislation that redefined the practice of Physician Assistants in emergency departments. We continue to work with the Board of Medicine on all regulation and policies affecting Emergency Medicine practice. 

The Voice of Emergency Medicine in Virginia Politics -

VACEP sponsors the Emergency Medicine Political Action Committee. EMPAC-VA makes campaign contributions to candidates for the Virginia General Assembly and educates lawmakers on issues important to Emergency Medicine. Your contributions ensure the voice of Emergency Medicine is recognized and heard at the Capitol. 

Virginia's Voice in Emergency Medicine -

VACEP has a proud history in the development of the specialty and founding of the American College of Emergency Physicians. We continue to provide leadership through our representatives at the ACEP Council, the policy making body of the College.

VACEP members hold leadership positions and serve on a variety of committees at ACEP, allowing you more access to decision-making on national issues such as:

  • Medicare payment reform
  • National tort reform
  • Overcrowding
  • EMTALA regulation and policy development
  • EM workforce
  • And many more.

Let Your Voice Be Heard  - Join  Today!

And rest assured that there is someone taking care of your business, so you can get to the business of taking care of people.

The Voice of Emergency Medicine in Virginia and Virginia's Voice in Emergency Medicine.
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