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Who is MACEP?

MACEP is comprised of a very diverse group of over 900 practicing emergency physicians. They include academicians, private practice physicians, hospital employees and independent contractors, large group, small group, individual physicians, board certified, non-board certified, rural, urban, residents, medical students, democrats, republicans, and independents.

Our Board of Directors, elected by members, employs a variety of resources including a full time executive director, committees of volunteer members, and a legislative consultant in order to promote and protect the interests of Emergency Physicians and the patients they serve.

MACEP has served its members for more than 20 years, relying on member input to its Board in order to develop and guide the goals and activities of the organization. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend Board meetings to share concerns and develop solutions on pertinent issues as well as to participate in developing policy that will advance the specialty of emergency medicine in Massachusetts. 


MACEP is committed to protecting the longevity and future of individual physicians, our patients, and emergency medicine as a specialty. This includes involvement in education of medical students, residents, emergency physicians, our patients, and the general public. We promote policies that preserve the integrity and independence of emergency medical practice. We support emergency physician representation within medical organizations and academic institutions. MACEP represents the interest of all Massachusetts emergency physicians. 

MACEP is a Voice of Advocacy for Emergency Medicine

MACEP is recognized by elected officials, governmental agencies, health care organizations, insurers/payors, and medical colleagues for our work on behalf of our patients and our specialty practice resulting in positive communication, increased visibility and inclusion. MACEP members have a proud history of leadership, serving at every level on statewide committees and task forces, as well as serving on national ACEP committees in order to influence decision-making on important issues through active, informed participation. 

MACEP Committees

Provide an opportunity to work with your colleagues on issues you care about bringing members together to address the full range of issues facing emergency medicine. Including: Communications, Education, EMS, Legislation/Liaisons, Membership Services, Public Health, and Reimbursement/Managed Care. You are welcome to explore and join those that interest you. 

CME and Educational Programs

MACEP strives to meet the current needs of Emergency Physicians with outstanding educational offerings with the additional benefit of providing a discount for MACEP members.  Our  educational programs include such offerings as:

  • MACEP's Annual Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Course: One day Hands-on Interactive Training
  • MACEP's Annual Emergency Medicine Reimbursement & Coding Course: Practical Information and Updates on Reimbursement Issues
  • MACEP's Annual  Meeting: A full day of  free CME for members
  • MACEP's Web based Risk Management Course: Qualifying  members for a discount on insurance  

Legislative Initiatives

One of the important values of MACEP membership is having your rights and interests represented in Boston. As a strong, unified professional organization, MACEP has taken many steps to empower emergency physicians and protect our patients. With the assistance of Legislative Consultant, we keep up with the multiple legislative bills introduced at the Statehouse and have introduced some of our own legislation to benefit our patients and members. Some of our ongoing legislative advocacy activities include:

  • Behavior Health Patient Boarding
  • Medical Liability Reform
  • Payment Reform

MACEP is Massachusetts' Voice in Emergency Medicine.

Let Your Voice Be Heard - Join today!! For more information, please contact us

So it's that time of year again..,

Time to pay your MACEP dues - or maybe you've just finished your residency and you are starting your first job... it may seem like a lot of money... maybe it will be covered by your contract, or maybe not, or  maybe it's a business deduction in your independent practice or maybe it's coming right out of your pocket... 

So you ask yourself - why?

Why belong to this professional society?  What's in it for me?  What does it do for me? 

Here are a few answers we found among the membership...

The sound of 800 ED physicians clamoring for change is much more powerful than each of us acting on our own. Lastly, I really respect that MACEP "wears the white hat" for our patients.  More than any other group in Medicine, this comes through consistently and clearly.  We are the strongest patient advocates that I know of, and I'm proud of that.
Gert Walter, MD, FACEP
Emerson Hospital, Concord, Ma

I have always considered myself privileged to be a member of MACEP. This is an organization that has been consistently blessed with articulate, motivated and exceptional leaders. MACEP has really always been about improving patient care and emergency care in Massachusetts. It is really not surprising that MACEP has been ahead of the curve on many issues, and members of MACEP have led organized emergency medicine at a national level. 
Jim Feldman, MD, FACEP
Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA

I have been a member of MACEP for over 20 years and have been on the Board of Directors for 10 of those years...  I can see nothing more important in the field of EM than to be an active member of my college because I can see nothing else out there that advocates for our specialty more than MACEP.
John C. Benanti, MD, FACEP
South Shore Hospital, South Weymouth, MA

Just do it!  Get involved!
Assaad J. Sayah, MD, FACEP
Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center, Brockton, MA

It's difficult to imagine practicing emergency medicine in Massachusetts without MACEP....Our collective voice, as the experts who take care of the citizens of the Commonwealth 24/7 in their moments of greatest need and advocate for what is right in patient care, is way in excess of our actual numbers. I encourage you to get involved and let your voice be heard too as the investment of your time, energy and effort within MACEP will be rewarded many times over.
Alan C. Woodward, MD, FACEP
Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA

We want to let you know that your colleagues and your dues are hard at work for you, protecting your patients and your profession. We hope to encourage you to not only belong, but also to be involved.  We have projects, ideas, and opportunities that need your support

So join us...

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